Kayaking on Braslav lakes

Braslav lakes are a group of lakes in the north of Belarus near the city of Braslav. They include dozens of lakes with a total area of ​​about 130 km² and a volume exceeding 540 million m³.
Браславские озера

Kayaking on Braslav lakes


Kayak rafting along the Braslav Lakes started from the shore of Lake Dryvyaty.

The trip was planned for 3 days. We got to the minibus, which was booked in advance. At the beginning of our fascinating journey, it was created an impression that nature waited for us in its arms. This was the brightest three-day trekking on the canoe along the Lake, which can be called the Byelorussian Sea because of its size (yes, it may not be so large, but the waves reached a meter during the storm).


We went to the water at the boat station on a sandy beach, where we collected kayaks. The lake met us with sun rays, a light summer wind and nothing foretold troubles. Having reached the middle of the lake, we were met by a wind with pouring rain, which intensified with every minute. We rushed the waves, fighting with our fear of overquisition and not wanting to turn back, looking straight into the eyes of unexpected changes in mood of our motherland and wondering how things can change overnight.

The main thing in this situation was the strength of spirit, the ability to resist the elements and we stood it. We were saved by the fact that in each kayak there was an experienced captain who was kayaking the wave. Reaching the opposite bank, the sun came out again. 

It often happens that the local nature meets you hostile, but it just checks your will. It looks at you — are you worthy to fit into her world as such? And when you, in her opinion, passed the exam — our «mother» opens her arms and begins to care you with gentle rays of the sun, supporting moments of joy after such a struggle and it would seem, opens up all of her sights.

We already tired of the strong wind and rain, but content with ourselves, we continued our trip along the Druik River, as there was no parking space on the overgrown and wild banks of the Droves. Very important for a kayaking on the Braslav lakes is the planning of parking, as they are installed by the Braslav Nature Protection Inspectorate and for parking in an unauthorized place you can get a significant fine.


We sailed along the small Lake Nespish to Lake Nedrovo, and only there, tired of the struggle, could land on the shore and take a little breath. On the shores of Lake Nedrovo we met such rare plants of Belarus as juniper, as well as a herd of cows that grazed without shepherds.

Kayaking along the lake, involuntarily notice the surrounding beauty, all the flickering colors of the landscape call and fill you, unusual for the city, emotions and feelings of joy, freedom and not hidden happiness, peace of mind, and, even more precisely, those feelings which you missed all your Life …

And it is this mad adrenaline that we want to fill up to the edge; and that delicious tranquility, which we always lacked can only be obtained alone with the nature that we challenge, and she meets us — with magnificent landscapes with untouched places, her diverse savagery and a huge number of kinds of fairy forests, amazing landscapes and hills.

On the shore, if you certainly have the strength, I strongly recommend that you meet the dawn — it’s just gorgeous. Imagine: morning, fog, the fresh air for so much that intoxicates, a mug of tea, dawn ….

And you, you know, the route is not over yet and that you do not want it to stop and you already dream of repeating. You know — where else you go, what places would you like to see.

Waking up in the morning we went to Mount Mayak, which we read about it on the Internet. Arriving at the Lighthouse we were struck by the beauty of the edge, the diversity of wildlife and the purity of the water.

From the Mayak mountain you can see the whole county as in the palm of your hand and the sun with a breeze whispers to you — see, admire, rest … emotions overflow so much at the sight of such a picture, even a masterpiece, I would say, that the soul from memories alone freezes with pleasure as if I am transferred back there and this beauty is really not possible to convey in words, this must be seen with your own eyes.

. All the necessary information can be found on the website of the Braslav Inspectorate for Nature Conservation. 

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Разнообразие дикой природы Удаленность и не продуманность стоянок для водных маршрутов
Чистота воды Низкий уровень сервиса, в том числе и организация отдыха
Своеобразная погода, которую не передать словами

Браславские озера — это разнообразие эмоций и впечателений. Отдыхайте, занимайтесь туризмом, радуйтесь каждому дню!

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