Canoe rafting on the river Kasplya

A three-day kayaking on the beautiful river

Canoe rafting on the river Kasplya

Casplya flows in Russia (Smolensk region), in the lower reaches (about 20 km) in Belarus (Vitebsk region).

Kasplya is a river that flows in Russia and Belarus. It is the left tributary of the Western Dvina. The length of the river is 136 km. It originates from the Lake Kasplya (some researchers consider the Klets River, which feeds the Kasplya Lake) on the eastern slopes of the Vitebsk upland, flows along the Surazh lowland and flows into the Western Dvina in front of Surazh (Vitebsk region).

The width of the Casplya Valley is 300-400 meters, in the upper it reaches up to 3 km. The bed is winding, 10-30 m wide in the upper reaches.

We chose the city of Demidov as the starting point.The minibus brought us to the bridge along Sovetskaya Street where there is a good place to assemble kayaks and take off.

While the men’s part of the team was preparing for rafting, the women and children went to see the local sights. Demidov City is the birthplace of the famous actor Yuri Nikulin. In this city a monument, as well as a house-estate and a museum of his name were installed.

We started our route around 2 pm. The trip was planned for three days for which we were to pass 80 km along the river.This is the distance between the city of Demidov and the town of Surazh along the Casplya River.

Across the entire route, the banks of the Casplya river are not very good for parking. The river itself flows as if in a hollow, because the banks are very high. There is little forest along the coast but there is enough wood for the fire.The Birch and the aspen trees are predominate. On the first day, we sailed about 30 km and stopped at an equipped parking lot (although this was not noticeable from the river and we were pleasantly surprised). In general, a trip along the Casplya River was successful.

On the second day we made a halt at the mouth of the river Rutavech, which flows into the river Casplya. The place was very beautiful with an equipped parking lot. Besides there is a boiling threshold on the river Rutavech. And in the evening we stopped near the Russian-Belarusian border, on the wonderful edge of a birch grove. The approach to the river was excellent, which made it possible to make a hiking bath. The bottom of the Casplya river is sandy along the entire route, the river is not deep, in the middle of the riverbed the depth is to 1.5 meters. Stones for the bath we got from the bottom of the river and in the morning of the third day, we perfectly sucked.

The route was started at noon and by 6 o’clock we already dismantled kayaks near the Western Dvina. There are several rapids on the territory of Belarus along the river, which added diversity to the hike. The nature is very beautiful and moreover we were lucky with the weather. All three days the sun was shining and it was hot. 

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