Kayaking on the river Luchesa

Luchesa - river in the Vitebsk region

Kayaking on the river Luchesa. Vitebsk

We started kayaking along the river Luchesa from the estuary of the river into Lake Zelenskoe near the Babinovichi village.The river flows through Vitebsk and Liozno regions. It flows into the Western Dvina within the city of Vitebsk.

It originates in Lake Zelyanskoe (Zelenskoye) near the village of Babinovichi of the Liozno district. The width is 20-30 m, in the lower reaches to 60 m, it freezes in December until the end of March. Average discharge of water near the mouth is 21.4 m³ / s. The catchment area within the Luchosa lowland is cut by the river valleys and hollows.

The valley is trapezoidal with a width of 400-600 m.Shores are often steep and sometimes very steep. The floodplain is intermittent, alternating along the coast and more developed on the left side of the bank. In high water the average water level above the low water in the lower reaches is 6.2 m, maximum is 9.9 m.

The main right tributaries are Chernitsa, Sukhodrovka, Worle. The left tributaries are Ordishevka, Serokorotnyanka, Obolyanka, Chernichanka. In the river basin there are lakes such as Gorodno, Serokorotnya, Kichino, Sitnyanskoye. On the left bank near the village Baroniki (Boroniki) and on the right near the villages Myaklovo and Shapura there are archeological monuments ancient settlements and barrow cemetery.

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