Water trekking along the river Luzhesnyanka

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Water trekking along the river Luzhesnyanka

Luzhesnyanka is the right tributary of the Dvina River. It flows into the Dvina river in 12 kilometers from Vitebsk. The length of the river is 32 km.

Water trekking

It flows out of lake Vymno and goes along the territory of Gorodok and Vitebsk regions. The length of the river  is 32 kilometers. At first glance, it  is so long. The river is included into  the category of «medium-small» rivers (the length of which is from 25 to 50 km), but its role for the Vitebsk region is huge. The watershed of Luzhesnyanka is 700 km. The  lacinity is 4%. The largest lakes are Losvido  and Vymno.

Lushesnyanka begins in lake Vymno (Gorodoksky district) near the village  Khoboty (Map of Vis G I). It flows into the Western Dvina river near the village Luzhesno. The length of the river is 32 km. The width of the valley is 200-400 m. Floodplain is bilateral, intermittent, partly swampy, the width is  80-100 m, in some places it is absent. Along the Luzhesnyanka river there are settlements of the Chobot, Shchuchino, Suschev, Sokolniki, Mazolovo, Dutchino and others. The settlement of Luzhesno is located at the confluence of the Western Dvina river.

Sightseeing along the banks of the river Lushesnyanka:

  • The ruins of a water mill Sh(e)keli (Shekel) the end of the  XIX-th — the beginning of the XX-th centuries you can see  on the left bank of the river, 3 km from the Sokolniki village;
  • The memorial sign on the site of the former manor of the regional specialist A. P. Sapunov «Kakhovka».It was  established in 2000 year. The location is 500 meters downstream from Sokolniki village and  300 meters from the right bank;
  • There is burial mound  of the  9th-13th centuries. It  belonged to the tribes  of  Krivichi. It consists of 57 embankments with a height of 1-1.5 meters and a diameter of 5-7 meters. The burial mound  was investigated  in 1891 by E. R. Romanov, examined in 1972 by G. V. Shtykhov and  in 1981 by G. Kolyadinsky. People usually name  the cemetery is «French graves». In 1999  a security sign was installed next to it. The location is on the right bank, 1 km downstream from Sokolniki village;
  • The Mankovsk’s Manor «Sweetheart» of  the 19th century  and fragments of the park were preserved.  It is located on the right bank of  the  Mazolovo village;
  • The ruins of a water mill (for 10 stations) biult by the landlord Sklyarenko is on the right bank of the  Mazolovo village;
  • There is a  building of the former agricultural school (now an agrarian college) with a wing. It was built in the 2nd part  of the 19th century. It was  reconstructed in 1905-1909. It is located  200 meters from the right bank, in the  Luzhesno village;
  • The cemetery of the old believers with stone crosses of the former  Slobodka village is located  on the left bank at the confluence of the Western Dvina river;
  • The arboretum is located  on the right bank of the river  at the confluence of the Western Dvina river.
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