Water trekking on the Narochanka river

Interesting water trekking along the Narochanka River for 4 days along the route lake Mejstra-lake Naroch- the river Narochanka- the river Viliya

Water trekking on the Narochanka river

Water trekking along the river Narochanka. The length of the route from Lake Miastra to the river Viliya is about 90 km.

The vast water expanses of the lake Naroch replaces the narrow source of the river Narochanka. It is a river which flows within the Narochansko-Vileika lowland. Then the river flows through the forest, where there are small ruts and it’s a great  pleasure to sail on it. There are blockages, but small ones, only a couple of times we  left the kayaks. Closer to the mouth the river becomes wider, in some places it reaches 30-40 meters, but the flow velocity due to the flowing numerous springs persists throughout the river bed. On the both sides of the river there are many bird cherries and in May the air is filled with the aroma of its wonderful flowers.

Water trekking on the Narochanka river

The route was planned for 4 days.The trek began with  Miastra lake, where we gathered kayaks unhurriedly in a well-equipped parking lot surrounded by pine forest and put them into the water.

The first day. On the first day it was necessary to sail  about 20 km. The weather was beautiful and  sunny, warm and windless. Lake Miastra was passed fairly quickly and through  lake Skema we got on  the lake Naroch. It  is the largest natural reservoir in Belarus with very clean water. Enjoying the expanse of the lake and having bathed in its waters, we  approached imperceptibly to  the source of the Narochanka river. The river is calm but not wide, the bottom is sandy. It is  not deep and you can see a lot of floating fish.

The  lake Naroch and about 7-8 km of the river Narochanka (before crossing with the P60 road) are the parts of the  Naroch National Park, so parking here is allowed only in the equipped places and they are paid. That is why, we go further and stop at an excellent and well — equipped parking lot with a table, benches, a fireplace and a comfortable approach to the river. It is only 800 meters from the bridge (road P60). This place is probably very popular among  the locals because during our stay they came here twice.

The second day. On the second day the river became more smoother, that  is very rare among the small rivers. So, that is why we were  pleasantly  surprised at it. It was a  great pleasure to sail  along the river, the sun was shining brightly, there was a peaceful silence around  us, which was diluted only  by the twittering of birds and the buzzing of insects.

Approximately in 4 km the banks of the river became wooded and  small debris appeared  but it did  not cause difficulties in passing the rout. In some places the current became faster and the river again became tortuous, but  small rolls added adrenaline in our bodies during passing the rout. On the right bank there is a good parking lot, level ground and a table with improvised benches. There is  a pine forest around this beautiful place.

The third day. On the third day  we had  searched a parking lot  for a long time, since in some places there were  villages along the banks of the river and in other places the shore was not suitable for parking. After a long search, we found out a good flat ground with a good approach to the river. As it was a field nearby, there were a lot of mosquitoes in the parking lot. 

The fourth day. The river becomes wider when it is getting closer to the mouth and  the shore is becoming more wooded. After passing a little along the river,  on the right bank  we  saw an excellent parking lot with a ready-made bathhouse  and even further along the river was a chic tartan with a carbine. On the beach there was a well-equipped parking lot with a table, benches and a frame was made, in which there was also a bathhouse. Perhaps, for the whole trip it was the best parking, but it was not possible to visit, since it was already the last day of the trip. Soon the Narochanka river flows into the river Viliya and becomes quite wide. The shores overgrown with forest  are quite suitable for parking not far from the v. Zalesye. The dirt road comes very close to the river  around which  there is a good smooth glade where you can comfortably disassemble kayaks and load them into the car. At this point  our trip ended.


The trip along  the Narochanka River was very successful and interesting.  We had to sail  across  a huge lake and  go along a narrow and wide river  waging  among  the fields and at the end  through the forest. The flow is almost uniform, but there are also small rolls  which makes  our trekking on the water  more diverse. On the banks there are often equipped parking lots, you can relax with comfort after an active day. The abundance of bird cherry growing on both bank saturates the May trip with a wonderful aroma. 

In the evenings and in the morning and even at night, the nightingales filled the pleasant natural silence with their trills. The weather during the hike was beautiful — all 4 days  were sunny, the temperature during the daytime  was around 20-22 ° C, at night  it was not less than 12-14 ° C. The only drawback was that it was not possible to make a bath, because  on the parking lots there were not enough stones. The ready-made baths met only on the 4th day of the trek.

If you are going to trek along  the Lake Naroch  and  the river Narochanka, it will be an excellent choice!

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