Kayaking on the Ovsyanka River

The river begins its way 2 km to the north from the village of Cityino and flows through 7 lakes (including Negra, Vyshadskoe, Miraculously, Tioosto).
река Овсянка

Kayaking on the Ovsyanka River

The river begins its way 2 km to the north from the village Cityino. It flows through 7 lakes (including Negra, Vyshadskoe, Myadesno, Tiosto).

The main tributaries are Osecha (on the right), Jordan and Solonovka (on the left). It flows into Uswiesch near the village of Luban Uswiechy district of the Pskov region(the Russian Federation). The valley to the village Smolovka is box-shaped or trapezoidal, with a width of 300-400 m. Its downstream is inexpressive. Floodplain double-sided with a width of 100-300 m. The bed is moderately winding with a width of 4-6 m, in the middle and lower reaches in places up to 50 m.

From Lake Vyshedsky it is recommended to walk only on high water, for there are many obstacles. In summer it is recommended to go from Smolovka. The most interesting place of the river is difficult to determine because the river for a multi-day hike represents a diversity of perceptions of each day of the trip: from tranquility with blockages to tumultuous rifts in Verechye and Zarechye, a «reed» course in the middle of the route, the beauty of lake Medesno and sailing on the Uvyacha. The site Vyshedskoe — Smolovka needs to be allocated more time.

The river in the Gorodoksky district is the right tributary of Usvyachy (the Western Dvina basin).

  • The length is 90 km.
  • The water intake area is 598 km2.
  • Average annual water discharge at the mouth of 4 m3 / s.
  • The average slope of the water surface is 0.6%.

In the river there is a water nut — a protected relict species of the flora of Belarus (places of its growth below Vedrinskoe Lake. They are declared a natural monument).

Kilometers along the route:

0 lake Vyshedskoe 0
16,3 bridge in Smolovka 16,3
17,9 station 1,6
24,4 км to v.Privalny 6,5
41 lake Medesno 16,6
48 lake Tiosno 7
51,6 Bridge Dvupolye 3,6
63,6 Bridgeю remains  v. Virok 12
76,1 Bridge Shershny 12,5
80,5 Ustye 4,4
88,7 Ustye Karachevky 8,2
95,5 Bridge in Novoselkah 6,8
100,5 hanging bridge in Shipechah 5
109,5 Bridge at Prudnikov 9
111 Ustye 1,5
114,3 Before the mouth of Kasplya 3,3
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