Rafting along the Shuya River (Karelia)

Shuya is a powerful, full-flowing river of South Karelia. Its length is about 200 km, the maximum width is 100 m, and the minimum width is 20 m.

Rafting along the Shuya River (Karelia)

Shuya is a powerful, deep-water river of South Karelia. Its length is about 200 km. The maximum width is 100 m and the minimum width is 20 m. 

General characteristics:

Shuya passes through small villages and most of the banks are decorated with spruce and mixed forests. In these places you can collect mushrooms, lingonberries, blueberries. Karelian forests are also rich in blueberries and cloudberries.

The numerous rapids of this river provide it with popularity among fans of extreme sports. The water in Shuya has a brown tint and in spring time its level rises substantially. 

Route description:

The route starts at the station of the village Hautavara (about 4 km from the river). The banks in these places have a height of about 3 m, covered with forest. In the bed there are separate large stones. In the village of Ignualo there is the Kenyaikoski threshold (1 km long), at a certain distance from it — the Malyi Valoyne threshold.

It is necessary to keep to the right bank. After the threshold Sarikoski there is a surprisingly beautiful threshold Kumiu. Further, the river becomes narrow, after two turns it is divided into two sleeves. After small thresholds (200 m and 50 m), Shuya flows into Shotozero. Here is a small village. 

During the passage of the lake, one must adhere to the northern shore. After leaving Shotozero, the river passes through amazingly beautiful landscapes. In the village of Salma, Shuya flows into Vagatosoro. The beaches in these places are charming with their landscapes, it is better to leave the lake in the morning. Before the village of Matrosy Shuyu, the padun fenced off. Continue the path by sticking to the left bank. In 1.5 km there is a small threshold, the landscape in these places is particularly beautiful.

In 10 km from the village Vidany, the river is divided into two branches. You need to stick to the left channel. If near the village of Plaksino turn into the left tributary, you can see picturesque lakes with clear, transparent water and high banks. In the village of Kosalma you need to go through a narrow channel, which will lead you out of the Konchozero. In a short distance it is located Lake Pertozero. The dam is up to 140-160 m. Here you can see small islets, the shore is rocky and high. The water in the lakes is surprisingly clean and transparent — visibility is up to 9 m.

Between these lakes there is a village where you can see the remains of the ironworks plant. It was built and operated more than 300 years ago. In the village of Vickshits you can stop and get acquainted with the amazing Kivach nature reserve, then continue your way to the village of Shuyskoe. It is necessary to stick to the right channel of the river and through Logmozero go to Onega Lake. Here, keeping to the right bank, you can walk to the beach and finish your rafting. In a short distance from the beach there is a stop from which a shuttle bus runs to the railway station.


Shuya is famous for its numerous large and small rapids. Transparent and surprisingly clear waters of lakes, a reserve and extremely rich in berries and mushrooms of the forest — the nature in these parts fascinates with its beauty. People who decided to carry out rafting along the river Shuya, they will be able to fully enjoy.

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