Rafting on the river Suna (Karelia).

Suna is a river, which is one of the longest rivers in the whole of South and Central Karelia.

Rafting on the river Suna Karelia.

The river Suna is one of the longest rivers in the whole of South and Central Karelia.

The main part of the river is characterized by a rapid current, many waterfalls and rapids. The indicators of the difference in altitude between the mouth of the river and its source are surprising: 354 m above sea level. And 33m! It is worth adding that the first ten kilometers is not suitable for rafting, because in this place the Suna River is just a small stream. 

Route description: 

The Suna River passes through the middle part of Karelia. For lovers of water tourism, several routes of the first and second categories of complexity are available. The average index of the channel width is 50 m, the flow is not rapid. Most of the thresholds belong to the 1st category of complexity, they are long, difficult to maintain. The banks of the Suna are formed of stone rubble. It should be added that only the Kivach waterfall enjoys popularity, because the lower part of the river is dehydrated by a dam. 

Suna is a river, which passes through a lot of lakes, so it is suitable for beginner water tourists and family groups. But, like any other representative of the elements, it requires strict compliance with safety standards.

Pine, as well as deciduous forests that are located on the banks of the Suna are perfect for parking and breaks during rafting. On the way, you can find only one locality, but there is no transport message in it. The main routes along the river Suna is separated from the main attraction of these places — Kivach waterfall. It is known to be part of the reserve. 

Especially popular among fans of outdoor activities is the site for the alloy, which begins in the village of Porosozero and ends in the village of Girvas. You can get to the river Suna from the lakes through numerous tributaries. Many choose exactly this variant of the route and their way begins from Lake Wendurskoe.


  1. Threshold Pristan: two-stage x-r, 1 category of complexity, length 150 m;
  2. The Threshold of the Mill: the 2nd category of complexity, flows into Fr. Piałvozero;
  3. Threshold Valazmensky: 2nd category of complexity, inspection of the threshold from the right side. At the end of the obstacle there is a convenient parking lot;
  4.  Marcotkoski threshold: 2 category, viewing from the right side is possible. The left side of the threshold is marshy, it will not fit for parking;
  5. Kossaniski threshold: 1 difficulty category, length 4 km, no browsing required


Waterfalls — the main decoration of the river Suna. Their emergence are associated with many lyrical legends. In one of them it is told that Suna and Shuya were once sisters. And at the time when Suna gave her sister her bed, Shuya was much ahead of her. When Suna began to catch up with her younger sister, she washed everything on her way, ran, overcoming obstacles and breaking rocks. After millennia, in the place where Suna passed, well-known waterfalls formed.

Attractions and features of the route along the river Suna:

  1. 8 thresholds (4 of them belong to the 1 category of complexity, the rest — to 2 and 3 categories);;
  2. Amazing landscapes and beauty of nature;
  3. The ancient Karelian village;
  4. Unique and rich fish resources. Here you can catch a bait sore, perch and spinning trout and pike.
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