Kayaking on the Bobr River

The Bobr River is one of the easiest rivers for traveliers. The beauty of local landscape gives the most pleasant emotions and fills with harmony.
Река Бобр

Kayaking on the Bobr River

The river Bobr is one of the simplest rivers for travelling. The beauty of local landscape gives the most pleasant emotions and fills with harmony. 

General information

The river passes through Tolochinsky, Borisov and Krupsky regions. It is the left tributary of the river Berezina. The Bobr is a part of the navigable system of the river Nieman. Its length is 124 km, the banks are steep, the riverbed is very meandering. Bobr originates in the village of Rafalovo and passes through the Central Berezin plain. The width of the river is up to 20 m, and the current speed is 1 km / h.

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The water route along the Bobr river is not complicated and quite convenient: at the beginning and at the end of the route you can easily reach the desired station. It is suitable even for beginner water tourists, as well as for groups with children. Begin your route from the bridge, after 3 km of the way you have to pass a barrier from the fallen trees. If you walk a few km downstream, you will see a comfortable and beautiful place. There is a full-fledged comfortable parking lot with a pier and a gazebo. Then the Bobr passes through the marshy terrain, sometimes you can see the cliffs on the left side.

Route Description

On the 8th km of the way you need to go under the wooden bridge. To overcome the next section, the length of which is 9 km, it takes about 1.5 hours. On the way, you can periodically find places convenient for parking and rest. In a distance of only 0.5 km from the mouth of the river you can see a very beautiful place: surrounded by a pine forest there is a small clearing and a cliff (4 m).


About 1 km the forest streches along the banks of the river. Approximately at the end of this site it is necessary to make an update on the right bank. If the water level is not high, there is an opportunity to pass under the trees. Further the route passes among the low banks, in 4 km it is necessary to pass under the bridge and in1 km — you have to pass between the piles of wood.

The next part of  the river is 3 km long and the river wanders among the low banks. In v. B.Gorodno you can see the remains of the old bridge and soon on the right side the pine forest begins. A few hundred meters away is located v. M.Gorodno. On the left side after the cliff, you will see the remains of a wooden and metal bridge. The way to be needed to pass under them so you should be very careful.

Further the landscape changes: the banks become higher. After 6 km of kayaking the path passes under the remains of an abandoned bridge. Another 4 km on the left side you can see a cliff, 7 m high, beautiful small clearings and a sandy beach. 

Final stage

The river passes its way through open countryside and in 1 km you can see the oak grove. It will be difficult to find a suitable parking lot, so you can relax at the beginning of the grove. Your water trek can be ended in the village of Chernevka. From there, take the bus to the Krupki railway station. Transparent water of small but surprisingly beautiful river beckons to tourists-water experts. Picturesque nature, sandy cliffs, meadows, pine and oak forests — the journey will give unforgettable impressions!

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