Kayaking on the river Lovat

A long and fleeting river Lovat is an ideal place for experienced water-tourists. A lot of thresholds, funnels and high flow velocity.

Kayaking on the river Lovat

A long and fleeting river Lovat is an ideal place for experienced water-tourists. A lot of thresholds, funnels and high flow velocity. 

General information

Lovat belongs to the category of lowland rivers, which are characterized by low water content. The coasts are mostly low and marshy. The river bed is sinuous, the banks are not covered with vegetation in some places. 

The length of the river is 550 km. Its mouth captures three areas. In the upper reaches the river passes through  lakes: Zadratie, Mezha, Chernyavskoe, Sesito and others. On the territory of Belarus it flows along the Gorodok Upland. The floodplain of the river Lovat is meadow and in many places it is swamped. Once it was an important shipping route between Novgorod and Kiev. 

Lovat is a part of the Polisto-Lovatian system of upland bogs, which is one of the largest in Europe. For studying and conservation of an array of sphagnum bogs since the early 90’s there have been 2 active reserves. An interesting fact is that over 20 percent of the entire area is impassable. The river attracts fans of fast descent  because in some places the speed of its current is up to 20 km / h!

Rafting on the river Lovat

The route begins in the village Mezhy and the first 30 km it passes through the lake. Below the village of Ryndino the channel narrows, the speed of the current increases. About 15 km the path passes through marshy banks, so there is nowhere to stay. Near the village of Berezovka there is a bridge in front of which there is a blockage. It is necessary to pass it at the left bank. Also there are all necessary conditions for parking. A section of the route from the village of Kaloshino to the village of Safronovo is a wide and swampy river valley. Near the village of Safronovo there is a place for rest. Also parking can be done in Borok village.

After Lake Vorobsk the river becomes wide, its current is weak. Behind the village of Borisogleb for 5 km stretches a deciduous and then a pine forest. You can stop 2 km from the village on the right bank. Downstream there are several more suitable places. After the forest retreats and the river Lovat comes to the plain, it breaks up into several branches and passes through the swamps. In the region of the village Sivtsevo banks adorn the deciduous forests. Conditions for disembarkation here are unfavorable.

In the village of Komsha there is an old bridge in front of which there is a blockage. Behind the village, the channel narrows, first single stones are encountered and then it can be met ridges with rifts. After the village of Stukany a beautiful landscape can be seen with high banks and a mighty, dense forest. Before the village of Polybino there are big rifts. In this place it is difficult to find a place for rest. In Polybino there is a meadow that is suitable for parking.

But it is better to overcome another small segment of the route and stop in the birch grove on the sandy beach slope. Further along the route the river becomes shallow, the rolling passes each other and the complexity of their passage increases. In some places  the river, dividing into sleeves, forms small islets.

In the village of Kupuy, you can choose an excellent place for parking. And in the town  of Velikie Luki there is a small dam — an upgrade on the left bank. You can finish the water trip in Velikie Luki. The distance to the railway station is 3 km.

We wish you a great hiking and a good holiday!

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