Autumn kayaking on the Saryanka river

Autumn trek on three days will leave an unforgettable experience
река Сарьянка

Autumn kayaking on the Saryanka river

Saryanka  is the river in the Dagda region of Latvia and Verhnedvinsk district of Belarus, the right tributary of the river Western Dvina.
Area of the river basin is 1000 km ². The average annual water discharge in the estuary is 7.4 m³ / s. The average slope of the water surface is 0,9%. 

It flows from lake Brodyajas in Latvia. The mouth is 1 km to the south-east of the village Ustye. It flows within the Latgalian upland and the north-western part of the Polotsk lowland (length within the borders of Belarus is 38 km, the area of the basin is about 800 km²). The main tributaries are Sariya, Chaushitsa (Tovsha), Asunitsa (on the right), Mallnitsa, Turya (on the left). The valley is trapezoidal, the prevailing width is 200-350 m. The floodplain is intermittent, sometimes it’s alternating along the banks, the width is 150-200 m. The bed is sinuous, the width is 5-10 m in the upper and middle course of the river and 15-25 in the lower one.

The best time for a trip along the river Saryanka during a high water, since the river itself is not deep, but at this time there are obstacles when passing the route that are imperceptible in spring because of increasing of the water level in the river. However, the autumn campaign along the Saryanka river also brings a lot of positive emotions and charges with a lot of energy. In the forest along the riverbed there are many berries, mushrooms, from which you can cook food directly here on the fire.  All the trees are multicolored, nature generously gives fruits before wrapping itself in a white shroud.

Trekking along the Saryanka river is one of the most convenient hikes on weekends!  


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