Rayaking on the river Swina

Wonderful three-day kayaking on the river Swina and clear lakes.

Rayaking on the river Swina (Vitebsk region)

Swina is the river in Gorodok, Polotsk and Shumilinsky districts of Vitebsk region in Belarus. It is the right tributary of the river Obol. 

Beginning within the Nescherdo-Gorodets upland and ending at the Polotsk lowland, the route passes through the enchanting lakes of the Belarusian Poozerie, making this way through the forest canals to the small and picturesque river Swina, adding its waters to the wayward  river Obol.

We transfered by registered transport (minibus can be rented both in Vitebsk and Gorodok) along the highway Holomerye-Moiseevo, then along the forest road we go around the northern extremity of the lake. You can see here Small Swino and the obelisk devoted to the victims of the Great Patriotic War, which is already badly seen. After that we turn left to the lake and take to the left down the slope. The path rests to the equipped parking lot. Here, at the edge of a pine forest there are a gentle beach, a table with benches and a gazebo. The opposite bank is tall and densely overgrown with a mixed forest. As a spare option, you can consider a well-equipped parking lot also at the edge of a pine forest and in the southwestern extremity of Small Swino.

It takes you half an hour to go through the lake. In its southern extremity, without any problems we find a shallow channel in the lake the Big Swino. Its length is two hundred meters  and its width is two meters. The banks are covered with tall bushes.Then we go to the promontory on the left and on the right there is a sandy beach, behind it in the marshy banks with bushes we search the channel. At first, it is wide — 20 meters, then the banks sharply narrow to 5 meters and all  are masked by thick reeds. This is the source of the river Osmotitsy.

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Its length is 3 km and the width is 5-10 meters. There are obstacles in the form of blockages and fallen trees. It took us an hour to overcome the obstacles when we passed  on the river. The beaches are mostly damp, but in the middle part of the channel there is a solid dry shore with a rare deciduous forest.

Walking  along the right bank of lake Osmoto, we want to say at first, that it is densely overgrown with deciduous trees but the forest temporarily disappears, giving way to the sunken bushes. It is the source of the river Kopani that appears in this place. At the beginning of the river  the right bank is full of predominantly alder trees, but the left ones is a real place of the  birch grove. In  50 meters it is a passable blockage on the piles of the former bridge. Along the right high wooded bank of the river there is a path. It took us 20 minutes to reach lake  Berezinets. 

C-shaped hollow of the lake is densely overgrown with deciduous and mixed forest. There is a strip of reeds at the shore. On the peninsula, you can pick up a good parking lot. It is possible to reach to  lake Zhoden  from the southern part of the lake along the river Kopani. The width of the river here is 15-20 meters, the banks are swampy, with meadow vegetation and rare tree trunks. Before the lake, the banks are getting higher and  the forest begins. To the right is Prudok village, behind it is a low bridge and soon lake Zhoden. We go along  the high right woody coast on the lake. In ten minutes the bank drops and the river flows  into the river Copan. On the right bank there is an excellent glade overlooking at the lake, the river and fireplace. 

The width of the Kopan River is 15 meters. In the channel  fallen trees are quite often found. After a kilometer the river  flows into the river Swina. Here the banks are swamped, with bushes and reeds, so the place of confluence is difficult to determine. It was not felt of  the addition in the width of the river, the speed was about 0.5 km / h. The banks immediately  are getting  desiccated, then they are risen and the left bank is up to half a meter with scrapes. Sometimes ther is a mixed forest. 

Simple obstacles from fallen trees and masonry are found. After 2.5 hours of kayaking we stopped at the height of the left bank of the river ( there is pine forest after the bogged section of the road). There are mushrooms, berries, fishing in the pool. On the opposite shore in 500 meters from the river, a forest road is guessed. The new and concrete bridge in the village Fedorovka  is made, the  passage is  near the right bank. The beaches are becoming  bare with rare bushes and solitary trees. Such the river  Swina comes to the channel of  lake Lososno. On the right bank of the lake is the village Bykhovtsi. A good parking in a birch grove is at the exit of the lake on the left.  

It takes us about an hour to sail to the  bridge in the village Koziany. The banks are 2 meters high, steep with rare trees along the riverbed, often bare and dressed up with bushes. At the fifth minute behind the mouth of the river Swina on the left bank there are an equipped parking, a gentle beach, woodlands, a good exit, a gazebo, a table with benches.

In front of the bridge on the right side of the river there is an excellent exit to the glade for drying kayaks and assembling equipment, swimming  and a good location for  the expected transport. 

Kilometer route along the river Swina:
0 lake S.swino 2,5 14,3 r. Коpan 2,5
2,7 duct 0,2 15,5 lake Zhoden 1,2
5,2 lake B. Swino 2,5 16,5 r. Коpan 1
8,2 r.Оsmotitsa 3 25,5 r. Swina 9
9,7 lake Osmoto 1,5 28 v.Phedorovka 2,5
11,2 r. Кopan 1,5 29 lake Lososno 1
11,8 lake Beresinets 0,6 35 r.Obol 6
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