April rafting on the Ushacha river

Ushacha is the river in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, left tributary of the Western Dvina. It originates in the Berezinsky biosphere reserve. Rafting on the Ushacha river.

April rafting on the Ushacha river

Ushacha is the river in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, left tributary of the Western Dvina. The length of the river is 118 km.

Rafting on the Ushacha river

Ushacha originates in the territory of the Dokshitsy district in the Berezinsky biosphere reserve. It flows through the territory of Ushatsky and Polotsk districts and flows into the Western Dvina near the town Novopolotsk. It flows through lakes such as Murogi, Tartak, Tserkovishte, Matyrino, Zamoshe, Voronets, Bolshoye Iisno. The main tributaries on the left side are Alzinitsa, Iduta, Nezhlevka and on the right it is Kroshenk.The source of the river Ushacha is located on the global watershed of the Black and Baltic seas,it is just 5 km from the source of Ushacha where the river Berezina flows.

Along the river there are the township of Ushachi and the villages: Putilkovichi, Zamoshe, Gorodets, Voronichi, Farinovo, Rudnya and others.

The length of the river is 118 km. The catchment area is 1150 km ² on the territory of Polotsk lowland. Lakes occupy only 3% of the territory. The average annual water discharge in the estuary is 8 m, the average slope of the water surface is 0.5. The Ushacha river bed is meandering, with a width of up to 10 m in the upper reaches and up to 40 m below the lake Bolshoye Iisno. The river valley below the village  Putilkovichi is clearly pointed, up to the mouth of the Alzinitsa River, up to 1 km wide and below 300-400 m. The shores are steep.

In the river there are pike, roach, ide, dace, river perch, burbot, raspberry, ruff and other kinds of fish. A rare bird for Byelorussia is also noted. It is an ordinary kingfisher. There are settlements of beavers. 


The park of the 19th century in the village Rudnya.

Archaeological monuments — burial cemeteries near the villages Zamosje and Rudnya.

The rafting on the Ushacha river was in April 2015 and brought a lot of positive emotions and impressions. April is the most interesting month for water trips. The melted snow fills the riverbeds and the current becomes faster, the rapids appear. The nature that has just thrown off the white shroud has not yet woken up but the buds are about to swell on the trees, although some early flowers are already in full bloom.

The rafting along the Ushacha river is very interesting, as it passes through the lakes. On the way of the route there are interesting sights, for example, the Windmill — Manor at the exit from lake Zamoshe. At this place there is a dam, which will have to be bypassed overland. Further, to the lake B. Iisno you can meet rubbles and other obstacles.

Sometimes, to pass along the river, you had to use a saw and an ax. The route is quite convenient for parking. In the morning of the third day we were greeted with snow. Yes! The weather at this time of the year is very whimsical. After a brightly shining sun, it can snow in Belarus. But this fact even pleased with the participants of the campaign, because the trip becomes more dive. 

Mileage along the Usha river:


The exit of the lake. Murogi
Zamoshee Bridge
The bridge of Gorodets
The bridge in Starinke
Guta Bridge
Ushachi Bridge
Entrance to the lake. Mortynino
The village of Menitsa
Doronichi Bridge
The Bridge of the Shock
Car parking in Forinovo
The bridge in Zabolot’e
Bridge R-14

Spring rafting along the Ushacha river is an excellent option for active leisure time ! Join to us now!

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