Water route along the Neman River

Neman is one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in Belarus. It stretches for 459 km and is considered a symbol of the country.
Река Нёман

Water route along the Neman River

Neman is one of the longest and the most beautiful rivers in Belarus. Its legth is 459 km. It is considered a symbol of the country.

Its history began more than 10,000 years ago! Neman already in those days was not only a life-giving source, but also served as an important trading route.

Neman is a meandering river with lots of sandy islets and meadows.



Rafting on the Neman River

The upper part of the Neman to the Stolbtsy is better to pass near the main tributary of the river. In this place the route will please you with a lot of water meadows. After the village  of Lubcha, the path becomes less interesting, it is better to go along the river Berezina and Gavier. Further, you can start your route on the right tributary of Neman, the river Yuse. The width of these two rivers at the confluence is 10 m and after the merger of Neman with the river Losha, its width becomes 12 m.

In this place you can find a great place for spending the night. About 3 km the river  Neman goes through a mixed forest. When the high banks and forest cover come to the ends, Neman flows between meadows and low cliffs. Sometimes in the bad you can get to sandy shoals.

After some time, Neman rests on the right side of the steep bank — this is the tract of Kruglitsa. The place is mesmerizing with its beauty.

In the village of Berezino the river Sula flows into the river Neman. Not reaching the mouth of the river Ushi there is an excellent place for spending the night — a cozy glade on a cliff in the height of 2 m. It is located in a beautiful pine forest.

It takes about 3 hours to reach the confluence of the river Neman and the river Berezina. After the confluence, the width of the river reaches 80 m. The entire route to the river Gavye Neman passes along the banks covering with junipers.


You can see interesting natural and archaeological sites on the banks of Neman, so do not miss them! Attractions that must be seen during the rafting along the Neman:

  • relict power;
  • church in the village of Dokudovo;
  • oak grove in the village of Burnosy.

In addition, the region of the river Neman will please you with its picturesque pristine nature and unique landscapes. 

Our team wishes you a pleasant holiday.

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