Water route on the Narochanka river

The water route along the river Narochanka can be called one of the most successful. The area that the river passes through of its water is surprisingly beautiful.
Река Нарочанка

Water route on the Narochanka river

The water route on  the river Narochanka can be called one of the most successful. The area that the river passes through is beautiful. 

The way along the river passes through the expanses of the largest lakes of the Narochansk group. Surprisingly clean, sparkling water of the river snakes among the forests, swampy meadows and its rest is found in the waters of the river Vilya. 

General information

Narochanka is a river in Belarus, which leaves The Lake Naroch and flows into the river Vilya. The length is not large. It is about 75 km, the width is from 10 to 40 m. The bed is winding, the current speed is 3 km / h. The river passes among steep and high coasts over a sparsely populated territory.

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The water route along the Narochanka River is suitable for beginner water tourists and for those who go camping with children.

The route starts from the south-western part of Lake Batorino. The area of the lake is small but on its banks you can comfortably stay and relax before going out.

You need to go along the left bank of the lake in the direction of the car bridge, immediately after it you will see the channel. It will lead you to Lake Miasto. It is worth saying that the lakes that you will meet on the continuation of the route are famous for the huge amount of fish. Therefore very often it is possible to meet fishermen here. 

You need to pass the lake in the west direction and orient yourself to the forest, which adorns the horizon. Through a narrow and short channel you can reach one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the territory of Belarus the Lake Naroch. The clear, crystal waters of the lake fascinate with their beauty. When the weather is fine you can enjoy the underwater landscape and the bottom relief. 

In 6 km beyond the cape you can relax. There is a parking lot and a gazebo. Nearby is the source of the Narochanka River. It is located among the high reeds, so you need to be careful that you do not miss it. The first 7-8 km of the route towards the motorway the route passes through the swamped territory, so there is nowhere to rest and stop. If you started your journey in the evening, you can spend the night in the parking lot near the bridge. 

The length of the next part of the path is about 12 km. Soon you can see that the riverbed that is divided into 2 parts. It is better to keep the left sleeve, this will make it possible to shorten the path. In 3 km on the right side there is a piece of pine forest with a small cliff. Here is an ideal place for a first overnight stay.

Approximately 1.5 km before the river Spaglitsy bare banks change beautiful landscapes. In summer and autumn, this region is famous for its rich harvest of blueberries, cranberries and mushrooms. Near the village of Naroch the route passes first under a wooden and automobile bridge and then under three hanging ones. 

The final stage of the trip

In the village of Krasnytsya the banks are higher, on the left side there is a coniferous forest. In a short distance from the village the Narochanka River makes a 180-degree turn. On the left bank you can see a favorite place for tourists — a 10 meter cliff which is adorned with slender pine trees.

The last part of the route fascinates with its beauty: the Narochanka river flows in the canyon, the thick coniferous forest adorns the high banks and clear and transparent water seethes among the huge boulders. 

Our team wishes you a great journey! 

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