Rafting on the river Berezina

The length of the river is 613 km, the pool area is 24 500 km ². The river Berezina originates north of the Minsk Upland.

Rafting on the river Berezina

The length of the river is 613 km, the pool area is 24 500 km ². The river Berezina originates north of the Minsk upland.


Rafting along the Berezina River

The source of the river begins in the Berezinsky Reserve. It is only 1 km to the south-west of the town  Dokshitsy. The river flows in southern direction across  the Central Black Plain. It flows into the Dnieper near the village Beregovaya Sloboda in the Rechitsa district.

The average annual discharge of water in the mouth is 145 m³ / s. The main tributaries are Beaver, Kleva, Olsa, Ola — left. Gayna, Svisloch are the right tributeries. On the Berezina river there are the cities such as Borisov, Berezino, Bobruisk and Svetlogorsk, the villages of Alexandrovka, Beregovaya Sloboda and others.

 The beginning of the route 

An ideal route for travelling on boats such as rafts or kayaks is the rafting along the Berezina river. Along the river Berezina there are high sandy yars with ship pines alternate with bare beaches and endless expanses. There are some obstacles such as supports for bridges and rare tugboats pulling barges with a forest in the direction of the town Borisov.

By the beginning of the route —  the village Veselovo — you can get by bus from Borisov. You have to gather at the bridge on the left bank of the river. The width of the river here is 50-60 meters, the current speed reaches 1.5 km per hour. To the village Studenki  along the river there are the shores with overhanging bushes. Slightly lower on the right bank of the river in front of the village  Lezchyny, there is a good place for parking, but it’s better to go beyond the village and the holiday village and stay on the left, high bank with a beautiful sandy cliff and pine forest.

Behind the village B. Stakhovo on the right for a while a high bank streches, rugged by ravines, with sandy beaches and a mixed forest. Soon the river enters the suburbs and then  the town Borisov itself. The distance to the confluence of the river Muzhanky into the river Berezina is about 20 km. On this site the river flows practically among the bare banks. On the 7th km on the right we will sail the mouth of the river Plisa, on the 10th km under the motor bridge of the M1 highway and on the 12th km – pass  the village  Gliwin. Behind it, there are beautiful steep banks with a pine forest — first on the right  and then on the left. The site to the Beaver estuary is about 34 km. The speed of the current reaches  1.5 km / h. The width of the river is 50-70 meters. The banks are beautiful, often steep and cut by ravines. Pine forest is often replaced by oak or birch groves. Here it is easy to find a good place for parking.

The end of the route

To finish the rafting along the Berezina River would be better  in Borisov. The best place is 400-500 meters below the railway bridge on the right, in the bay. There is a large wasteland with bushes. From here to the railway station is 300-400 meters. You can continue rafting  along the route and complete it in another village  throughout the whole route.

The Berezina river is rich in a wide variety of fish. It is possible to catch a pike, roach, perch, carassi, stickers, bream and a line. In Berezina river  there are also valuable fish such as  trout, catfish, burbot, pike perch, chuff, chub. In the forests in autumn there are lots of mushrooms and berries that is why a trip along the Berezina river will leave the best impressions.

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