Water trip on the river Svisloch

Svisloch is a river in Belarus, the right tributary of the Berezina River (the Dnieper river basin). It takes the beginning from the Minsk upland.

Water trip on the river Svisloch

Svisloch is a river in Belarus, the right tributary of the Berezina River (Dnipro basin). It starts in the Minsk upland.

Trekking along the Svisloch River

The source of the river is Mountain Mayak (it is 335 m above the sea level) that is located on the main European watershed. It is 39 km to the north-west from Minsk near Vekshitsy village, Minsk region. It flows along the Central Beresinsky Plain then it flows into the Berezina river  near the village Svisloch of the Osipovichi district. Many rivers and streams flow into the river Svisloch, the largest of them are Volma and Titovka with a discharge of water at the mouth of 2.16 m³ / s, on the territory of Minsk  is the river  Nemiga, Loshitsa (on the right) and Slepyanka (on the left).

The beginning of the route

We start our route in the v. Sosnovy. We unload the boats at the motor bridge on the right bank of the river Svisloch near the building of the Tselsky forestry. The route passes along the village Lapichi. Here you can relax and go fishing at the recreation center «Lapichi». The next locality on the route  is the village Ozerishche. There is a reservoir here where several small villages are located, then you can stop here for a small halt and sit with a fishing pole to enjoy fishing. We passed  Zborsk village and Smyk village. In the area of the village Vyazye we make a camp on the bank of the river.

In the village Vyazye we do an inspection of kayaks along the dam and then we can continue our travelling  along the river Svisloch. Immediately after the bridge on the left there are the ponds of the fish farm «Vyazye». The next village along the route is Lipen. It pleases the eye with an unusually —  beautiful nature. Near the village in the tract Staroselie there  is an archaeological monument. The next settlement, located on the bank of the river Svisloch is the village Ustizh. Here you can make a small halt and admire at  this wonderful corner of nature with a lot of yellow water lilies and white lilies with surprisingly — transparent water. Our route continues along the river to the village Svisloch.

Completion of the route 

We complete our route near the village Svisloch. In this place the river Svisloch flows into the river Berezina. On the shore of the river there is a good place to have a rest.

Trekking along the river Svisloch fills you with a lot of pleasant impressions. A picturesque nature and a lot of architectural monuments, a large number of places along the route where you can go fishing make you feel satisfed and comfortable. In places you can relax and play as well as  outdoor games (badminton, volleyball) and quiet games such as(card games, intellectual games).

Have a nice trip!

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