Water trip on the river Svina

It is a quiet hike with children along an interesting route.

Water trip on the river Svina

The Svina river begins on the Nescherdo-Gorodets upland and ends at the Polotsk lowland. The route passes along lakes of Poozerye.

Rafting on the Svina river.

What kind of rest can be better for your child?  Of course, relaxing in the fresh air. Of course, this corresponds to rafting on kayaks. If you think that a water trip is only for adults, you will be mistaken.

Alloys on kayaks with children are developing more and more. Of course, an easier route is chosen and less severe in duration. Since childhood many parents accustom children to this type of recreation. Yes, and indeed, fresh air, gentle sun and minimal physical exercise only benefit the young body.

If you chose a water trip with children — this is a great idea. 

A water trip with children is a real holiday. Useing our own experience, we checked that it can be possible to hike with the kids. Kayak rafting is best suited for families with children, because there is nothing that does not pull together like a general boat.  

For the children’s trek we chose the route along the river Svina. On the sections of this river there are no blockages or any other difficulties, therefore children will be able to endure such a campaign. The route is quite diverse, including rivers and lakes. The wide water surface of the lake is replaced by a narrow river, which is then replaced by a lake. Such a trip for children will be especially interesting.

A water trip with children is an event that will give pleasure not only to your kids, but to yourself, because what can make your parents more happy so these happy eyes and joyful smiles of their children. 

The trek began in the northern part of Lake M. Svino, where in the equipped parking lot it is possible to collect kayaks with convenience and prepare for a hike. After 40 minutes, as the kayaks were launched on the water, we were at the southern edge of Lake M. Svino, where without any problems we found a short passage to Lake B. Svino. Having got on the lake, we take a course on the promontory to the left, in the marshy banks with bushes we search for a wide channel, which then narrows. 

So we get to the river Osmotitsa. Its length is 3 km, then it is replaced by Lake Osmoto. On Lake Osmoto we walked along the right bank, where we discovered the source of the Kopan river, go along it and go out to lake Berezinets. From the southern part of lake along the Kopan river we go to lake Zhoden. Then the river Kopan flows into the river Svino. We stopped at the height of the left bank

It  remains a little to the mouth of the river Svino . On this site we will immediately sail along the alley from the high reed, then for a while the left steep bank will be opened without vegetation and after the river begins to lay steep loops among the floodplain meadows until the confluence with Oboly. Quite far from the mouth of the Svino on the left bank — equipped parking, a gentle beach, woodlands, a good exit, a gazebo, a table with benches.

In front of the bridge on the right is an excellent access to the glade for drying kayaks and assembling equipment, bathing and the entrance of the expected transport.


Kilometers of the route:

lake S.Svino
lake B. Svino
lake Osmoto
r. Kopan
lake Berezenets
r. Kopan
lake Zhoden
r. Kopan
r. Svino
lake Lososno
 lake Obol
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